Swanson Rink Picks Up Multiple Mid-Sized Airport Projects

Swanson Rink was recently awarded multiple midsized airport projects throughout the central and western United States, providing baggage handling system (BHS) and ground support systems design. Current project work includes BHS design at Cheyenne Regional Airport, passenger boarding bridge (PBB) design at Clinton Little Rock Airport and both PBB and BHS design at Sloulin Field Williston Airport in North Dakota. Additionally, Swanson Rink is providing BHS design development for the San Jose Mineta International Airport, and leading the design team for the checked baggage recapitalization design at the Burbank Bob Hope International Airport.

Swanson Rink’s Aviation group, a full service team, is also currently providing fueling, pre-conditioned air, 400 HZ ground power, MEP airport infrastructure, telecommunications, and security systems design at multiple airports throughout the United States.

In addition to mid-size airport work, Swanson Rink also remains focused on Category X airports including current significant work at San Francisco International Airport, Oakland International Airport, Las Vegas McCarran International Airport and Denver International Airport.

For more information on any of these projects, please contact Kisa Hanlon at khanlon@swansonrink.com.

Date: 02/19/2016

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