Cooking with Bannock

Barbara Krucke continues to demonstrate Swanson Rink’s commitment to the community and to the Bannock Youth Center by teaching Life Skills classes to the program participants. This past Thursday, she let the youth request the topic for cooking class and it was unanimous: lasagna!

Barbara asked the staff at Swanson Rink to help support her efforts by submitting their favorite lasagna recipes for a little “cookbook” she could give to the participants as a take away. Plenty of great recipes were submitted and we are sure that the youth will love each and every one of them! Recipes ranged from vegetable lasagna to lasagna roll ups…yum!

A special thanks to Mary Ann Moody for preparing her special homemade sauce for the class and to Art Boggess for volunteering to help out during the cooking demonstration.

The program participants have come to know and love Barbara for all that she does for them, which is not limited to her fabulous cooking skills and yoga training; Barbara has also become a teacher to them as she is always educating the youth on how to live a healthy lifestyle.

Next up on Barbara’s agenda: an indoor herb garden! She will be taking the donations from this quarter’s yoga held at Swanson Rink to help start the garden at the Bannock Youth Center so that the participants can learn to cook with fresh herbs. We are sure that Barbara will have plenty of fabulous recipes for everyone to try.

Date: 10/04/2013

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