Clinton National Airport

  • Concourse Renovation Design

Denver International Airport

  • Great Hall
  • Concourses A and C PCA Plants Re-Life
  • Gate Apron Rehabilitation Fueling Design
  • Concourse A East Jet Fuel Distribution Relocation
  • Concourse A West Expansion
  • Southwest Airlines BHS Analysis

Gerald Ford International Airport

  • Gateway Transformation Project

Hollywood Burbank Airport

  • BHS Recapitalization

Kansas City International Airport

  • Baggage Screening Expansion, Terminal C

Las Vegas McCarran International Airport

  • Terminal 1 Recapitalization
  • CBIS Operational Efficiency Improvements Study

Los Angeles International Airport

  • TBIT Baggage Optimization Program
  • Southwest Airlines Terminal 1.5 Development Project
  • Terminal 9 Planning
  • Terminal Cores and APM Interface Project

Newark International Airport Ticket Counter

  • Checkpoint Simulations

Oakland International Airport

  • FIS Simulations

San Francisco International Airport

  • Terminal CBIS Modifications
  • Terminal 1 Boarding Area B Reconstruction

Spokane International Airport

  • Terminal Expansion and Renovation BHS
  • Terminal Expansion and Renovation Simulations
  • EDS Recapitalization Program


  • Passenger Screening Program (PSP) TEDS

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