Swanson Rink continues to grow  and we are excited to offer the following career opportunities in both our Denver and Phoenix offices unless otherwise noted:

To learn more about the technical qualifications, and to apply, please select one of the open positions above.

At this time, we can only accept applications for published open positions.

Swanson Rink is an Equal Opportunity Employer and has an Affirmative Action Plan. We are an E-Verify employer. Please review the notices below.

Who better to tell you about Swanson Rink than our employees themselves!

  • Just out of school? Here's what one of our Newbies have to say...

    “The best part of my job is getting to learn from my superiors. They give detailed reasoning for even the most minute detail-oriented questions on how everything works. They teach us how to provide the best design possible.”

  • The Culture

    “The very noticeable difference between Swanson Rink and other firms is there is always someone available to talk to. The senior level team is very accessible which you don’t see very often.”

  • Our Office Environment

    “We have a beautiful office. This is an office that I am proud to show off to my family and friends.”

  • The Culture

    “I like teaching people new things, but it’s also great learning from our newer employees. They bring a different viewpoint that is always good to have.”

  • Our Office Environment

    “The space here is modern and comfortable in not only the design, but the way people interact. Whether its talking in the halls, or in one of our open conference spaces, it’s very relaxed compared to other places.”

  • The Work We Do

    “We are ahead of the game. People have said, we picked you because we know you do quality work.”

  • Just out of school? Here's what one of our Newbies have to say...

    “I love absorbing all the information. As a new engineer, I’m constantly learning new things every day.”

  • The Culture

    “Swanson Rink respects their employees and the leadership is terrific.”

  • The People

    “I love how many opportunities there are to hang out with co-workers outside of work. My co-workers are super fun to hang out with, and it makes it easier to talk with people when you have interacted with them outside of work. It definitely makes us all tighter as a company”

  • The Work We Do

    “I love pointing out to my wife the projects we’ve done in Denver. I’ll be walking down Terminal C at DIA, and I can say, ‘Hey, we did this, and we did a great job.”



  • Convenient, centralized location near downtown Denver
  • Eco Pass
  • On-site fitness center


  • Convenient location in the Camelback Corridor
  • Free covered parking


Swanson Rink offers a positive work environment, competitive compensation, company sports, and an excellent benefits package, which includes:

  • Health Insurance — medical, dental, vision
  • Life Insurance
  • Long-term and Short-term Disability Insurance
  • Generous PTO (personal time off)
  • Voluntary Life Insurance
  • 401k Plan
  • Company Stock purchase plan
  • Tuition Reimbursement

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