Awarded GOLD in 2021 ICSC Design and Development Awards

Swanson Rink is proud to announce that two of our commercial projects were recently selected as GOLD recipients in the 2021 ICSC Design and Development Awards.  The $500 million expansion at The Beverly Center won in the renovation/expansion category: and the iconic new flagship for The Webster in the stores in excess of 10,000 sf.  Both projects represent a strong, collaborative effort between engineering, design, and construction teams and the owners’ vision.

Swanson Rink is thrilled to have been part of such a great team! Read more about the project awards here 

The ICSC Global Design & Development Awards are designed to honor and recognize the premier design and development trends of retail projects and retail store design internationally.


CREJ Features ARFF Facility

Swanson Rink’s design for the Airport Rescue and Fire Fighting Facility (ARFF) in Casper was recently featured in the Colorado Real Estate Journal. As the only 100% diesel fuel training facility in the US, the project’s unique and flexible design allows for customized first-responder safety training. The project involved renovating and expanding the existing ARFF facility, the purchase of a new 3,000-gallon ARFF vehicle and an expansion of the public safety building to add dedicated training space.  Read more about the project and watch a video of a test burn here.

Article located here: Colorado Real Estate Journal Features ARFF

Project Opening: New State-of-the-Art Airport Rescue and Firefighting Facility


Swanson Rink is thrilled the new Aircraft Rescue and Firefighting Facility at Casper/Natrona County International Airport is online and operational. Our team provided design for the training fuel storage, burner fuel delivery systems, and control system for this 100% diesel fuel ARFF facility.

Today, Casper/Natrona International Airport held a ceremony to dedicate its new $9.3 million state-of-the-art Airport Rescue and Firefighting Facility (ARFF). Casper is among only a few airports in the western U.S. with facilities to train first responders responsible for extinguishing aircraft fires. All commercial airports are required by the Federal Aviation Administration to have trained ARFF personnel on-site and they must receive training annually.

Unlike other recently constructed ARFF facilities, the new Casper facility will continue to employ a diesel fuel system, which is the most similar in character and nature to jet fuel. The fueling systems, designed by Swanson Rink, allow for burns to be customized based on the needs of the first-responder training.  This includes flexibility to adjust for varying amounts of fuel to simulating responses for different zones of the aircraft, from cockpit fires to auxiliary power unit fires in the tail, in addition to providing training opportunities for exterior engine and wheel fires. Learn more about our aviation expertise and services here.


Swanson Rink’s BHS Team on ENR Best Airport Projects 3 Years in a Row!

Congratulations to the Baggage Handling Systems group at Swanson Rink for being on award winning projects for ENR’s Best Airport/Transit Projects 3 years in a row.  These have included 2018’s Las Vegas Terminal 1 BHS Recapitalization Project (2018 ENR Southwest), Cheyenne Regional Airport (2019 ENR Mountain States) and Williston Airport (2020 ENR Mountain States).

If you would like to work with Swanson Rink’s BHS team on your next aviation project, please contact Kisa Hanlon or Marybeth Bunker.

Swanson Rink Begins Work on Massive Airport Security Update for TSA

Swanson Rink is currently working with Leidos on the security checkpoint upgrades for the TSA Transportation Equipment Deployment Services IDIQ for the Western Region of the United States. This includes site survey and design integration services for three new technologies: Computed Tomography screening for carry-on bag scanning, Credential Authentication Technology for traveler’s ID verification, and Automated Screening Lanes for expedited passenger screening.

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Peek into Scottsdale Fashion Square’s Renovation

Here’s a peek into Scottsdale Fashion Square’s multimillion-dollar renovation. Swanson Rink is providing both the mechanical and electrical engineering for this project. Originally built in the 1970’s, this article’s renderings of the project allow you to see the current and future look of the mall. Swanson Rink will be completing our designs through the end of 2017, and construction will happen over the next couple of years.

Read article here

Michael Mina’s “The Street” Opens In Honolulu

Located in the International Marketplace, Swanson Rink is proud to have provided the Electrical design for this latest project of award-winning chef Michael Mina. Taking up 6,900 square feet of space, with a communal dining area that seats about 280 patrons, the James Beard Award winner teamed up with a roster of talented chefs to create the 13 eateries that form the project.

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Solving Data Center Hot Spots: A Practical Solution

The problem of data center hot spots is a constant concern for mission critical owners. In some cases when a hot spot occurs, the excess heat may cause equipment to fail. Without the proper tools, it can be impossible to see the cause and effect of changing floor tiles on the data center floor.

Recently, a client was having issues with hot spots in their data center. To resolve the problem they added more perforated tiles to the room and to their surprise, the more tiles they added, the more hot spots began to appear. Although counterintuitive to some, increasing the number of perforated tiles can exacerbate a low flow problem. The additional perforated tiles reduces the air pressure in the underfloor air plenum which reduces the air flow through the existing perforated tiles. This effect becomes particularly pronounced in data centers that are already operating with low underfloor pressure, caused by the poor management of perforated tiles and other openings in the raised floor.

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